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2018 Dutch Dairy Experience

2018-8-15 11:01:52 Comments:0 Views:1508 category:Agenda

2014-2017 Delegation Group Pictures

Delegations Pictures of Dutch Dairy Experience 2014-2017

We are about to start our Dutch Dairy Expericence on Sep 9 -16, 2018. This is last delegation of 2018 and 19th delegations with 257 partipants in last 18 delegations until now. They come from dairy farming, processing and market of China dairy Chain with visiting Dutch dairy chain of " Grass to Glass.

Delegation of May 2018 in Dairy Campus

Delegation of May 2018 in Dairy Campus

One more thing, 1st China Dairy Experience of SDDDC is coming soon, could be in Oct with more pictures shared with you...




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