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SDDDC have tailored plans of  tanlent cultivation for China Dairy Chain according to White Papaer and Spots (2014-2016)

PhD Cultivation and Teachers Exchange

We provide scholarships to support 2 Chinese MSc. Students per year to go to Wageningen UR for a 4-year program leading to a PhD degree. Meanwhile, 2 Dutch or Chinese teachers are selected each year and financially supported by the SDDDC for a 6 to 12-month exchange program to China or the Netherlands.



Basic Training Courses “Dairy Academy” 

The SDDDC organises a number of training activities every year. The trainings are focused on dairy professionals such as farm managers, herd managers and veterinarians.


The SDDDC provides a 3 day training course that is given on a SDDDC Expertise Centre (demo farm) ~4 times per year. The training consists of a mix of lectures and in barn practice, given by top class dairy experts and senior trainers from both China and the Netherlands.


Master Training Courses - Cow Signals Master/Feeding Master/ More Masters...

As well, the SDDDC is the base of the CowSignals Master Training Centre. Here, the renowned CowSignals training company provides train-the-trainer services, aiming to prepare the future senior trainers in China’s dairy farming field. The customized program is taught by registered trainers of the CowSignals training company. Trainings can take up to 10 days with 10 different training topics.


In-depth Training Courses -Focus on Dairy Processing & Economic and Other Sectors of Dairy Chain

At the moment, SDDDC is preparing in-depth training courses on dairy related topics on academic level. The trainings are being co-developed by Wageningen UR and China Agricultural University. The trainings are focused on professionals majored in dairy technology development and innovation. Multiple training modules are being developed to meet the needs of an audience with different professional backgrounds. Topics include among others milk processing, milk quality control, farm economy and farm management.