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SDDDC News in September

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Press Release in September

Headline: Establishing local roots in China and working together for mutual gains, Royal FireslandCompina has advanced the development of China’s dairy industry by leaps and bounds

Summary: As the biggest dairy company bearing the title of “royal”, Royal FireslandCompina utilizes exacting European standards at each and every step of the production chain to ensure the delivery of healthy, safe and high-quality dairy products. Collaborating with Wageningen University and China Agricultural University, Royal FireslandCompina established the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre (SDDDC), introducing advanced methods of production to China and sharing its extensive experience with local producers. It simultaneously accelerated the development of China’s dairy industry while also ensuring compliance with China’s own industry-specific rules and regulations.

WeChat Articles in September

Headline: Dry Period Adjusted by ASG of WUR2017-09-21

During last field trip of Dutch dairy experience this September guided by SDDDC, Dr. Ariëtte van Knegsel, in the Adaptation Physiology Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre Animal Science Group (ASG), shared their latest research results about an interesting study with us: How can we improve cow health and welfare by customising the dry period?

The results showed that shortening the dry period or no dry period could lead to a better balance of energy. If the dry period was shortened, the body fat mobilization and liver fat accumulation were less, at the same time the no dry period group had ovulation early and more normal estrous cycle after calving.

In 2016, the Netherlands had 17.5 thousand dairy farms, with 1.8 million dairy cows and 0.3 million dairy goats, which produced 14.5 billion kg cow milk and 0.3 billion kg goat milk.

There are lots of dairy products in Dutch life with cheese (55.4%) ,  milk powder(13.6%), drinking milk & other fresh milk products (7.1%), butter & butter oil(1.6%), and other dairy products (16.6%).

Grassland and maize planting took about 28% of the surface area of the Netherlands, about 1.1 million hectares. Because of this, almost 80% of the dairy farms were outdoor-grazing style. The production value of dairy farming in 2016 was €4.4 billion and €6.4 billion for milk processing industry. In the Netherlands, there were 25 companies and 53 dairy plants, which had 45 thousand employees for dairy farming and milk processing industry.




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