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Yunan Biggest Milk Source Base Joins SDDDC Family

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On January 19, 2019,  Yunnan Niuniu Husbandry Co., Ltd., Yunan biggest dairy company signed cooperation agreement with SDDDC. Yunan Niuniu was built in 2014, and now the company becomes the largest-scale, highest-degree of automation and most-production milk base in China Southwest.

MOU with Yunna Niuniu

Mr. Kees de Koning (SDDDC) and Mr. Long Jiang (Yunnan Niuniu) attended the signing ceremony and made statements. Mr.Long Jiang, the chairman of Yunnan NiuNiu,  said, “It is significant to cooperate with SDDDC as we all know the Dutch dairy is the leading level of world, especially in safety and quality. Thus, we need to learn the whole dairy production chain from SDDDC. “

Mr.Sun Zhihai,  the general manager of Yunnan Niuniu, also said,” The quality of our milk now is beyond EU standards. However, our team is quite young, thus we need a professional team with a higher level of specialization to lead us. SDDDC provide training courses and relative academic discussions, which quite meet our requirements.”

So far, Niuniu’s milk is the most popular in local market. And SDDDC hope the two sides could continue to communicate, which to enable local consumers to enjoy safer and healthier fresh milk.

Group Picture with Yunnan Niuniu 




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