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Dairy Academy: The New Trainings Refresh Chinese Dairy in 2019

2019-3-28 10:22:25 Comments:0 Views:651 category:SDDDC News

On March 23, 2019, SDDDC held the 2nd “Dairy Academy” in Henan Ruiya Dairy Husbandry Co., Ltd. The SDDDC provided a 4-day training course which consists of a mix of lectures and farm practice, given by top class dairy experts and senior trainers from China and the Netherlands.

DA1901 合影

Group Picture of Dairy Academy 1901

This course enrolled 18 participants, including college students, farm owners, farm managers and tech support which from dairy farming groups, dairy companies, supply chain, and universities.

During the course, the experts and trainers shared industry information and skills with participants thorough in-depth discussion. And the participants also took detailed practice in farms with health cow, easy work and high efficiency as targets.

DA 1901 Workshop

As the rapid development of China dairy, learning content and module will be updated and adapted in new stage. Therefore, SDDDC focus to organize the training courses of training the trainers. Through this module, SDDDC hope participants could not only learn skills and solve problem but also know how to transfer the information and experience to others.

So far, SDDDC has successfully organized “Dairy Academy-Basic Training Courses” 19 times ,“Master Training Courses - Cow Signals Master “12 times, “Master Training Courses -Feeding Master “3 times , In-depth training of milk chain & farm management which enrolled over 750 participants. The courses provide 200 cow signal certificated trainers with international qualifications and 60 SDDDC trainers of dairy nutrition in China. Those trained experts will share the knowledge, skills and information to their farm, customers and teammates , and SDDDC hope what they learn would be more widely spread , which could contribute to promote the new horizon of China's dairy industry to further enhance the competitiveness of the dairy industry.




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