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The first training course for Milking Master of Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre has started

2020-10-29 10:39:23 Comments:0 Views:180 category:SDDDC News

The dairy parlor is often compared to the "heart" of the farm. The management of the dairy parlor is closely related to the quality of the raw milk, the health of the cows, and the quality and efficiency of the farm. On October 26, the 5-day (26-30) Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre's first Milking master training course hosted by Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre was successfully held in Tianjin Jialihe husbandry Group Co., Ltd. The training started. This training is in strong cooperation with DeLaval (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and Jialihe Husbandry Group Co., Ltd., focusing on the management of milk parlor personnel, the maintenance and repair of milking equipment and parameter design, and the health of dairy cows. The related content of the milk parlor management adopts a small-class teaching method that combines theory and practice. Well-known experts in the domestic and foreign industries and first-line dairy parlor management experts from the top domestic ranch presented the students with a feast of knowledge about dairy parlor management. A total of 27 trainees were in the first milking master training course. The training takes a long time, is professional and systematic, and has high practical value. It is really rare in the training in the industry.

Meng Qingjiang, Deputy Director of Tianjin Agricultural Development Service Centre, Liu Lianchao, Chairman of Tianjin Jialihe Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd., and Liu Weiran, Regional Sales Director of DeLaval China, attended the opening ceremony of the training course, and Li Shengli, Director of China-Dutch Dairy Development Centre, connected via Internet audio Addressing the training class, the opening ceremony was presided over by Liu Kai, manager of Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre.