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The Reason to Mark December 11 on Your Calendar

2020-11-16 9:19:02 Comments:0 Views:87 category:SDDDC News

Only 47 days left before this year is over. If we are to summarize the year 2020 in one sentence, for many industries and entrepreneurs, it must be “it was a hard time!”

The pandemic struck all the industries and every individual in various degrees this year and now we are all struggling to recover from the crisis and to seek new potentials for improvement. Even in the most difficult time when you are facing all the challenges, there are always some people and some things that would encourage and inspire you to have more confidence in the future.

“Dairy farmers had a good time this year,” a dairy farmer commented on the industry in 2020. These words actually reflect the truth of the dairy industry in China.

However, we are now facing a lot of uncertainties. Will the favorable situation continue through the end of 2020 and into 2021? Will the consumption of dairy products keep on growing steadily in the new year? How will the international trade of dairy products change? In what direction are the supply and demand of raw milk expected to turn? In addition, what new opportunities will the unavoidable adjustment and development of related industries during the 14th Five-Year period (2021 – 2025) present to dairy industry?

Looking back, we could see that 2020 witnessed a wild growth of online activities and live streaming events in dairy industry. After almost one year of development, the industry has come to a point where sensational reports and big names can no longer guarantee the attention and participation from the audience, and the boom of live streaming events at the beginning of this year has already leveled off. It seems that the online business of the industry is at a turning point where only the platforms and key opinion leaders generating high-quality contents may continue their success.

The Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center (SDDDC) will hold its 7th anniversary celebration on December 11th. Different from previous celebrations, this year’s activities will all be held online. Organized around the theme of “Across an Unusual Year”, the activities will focus on reflecting on the current situations and predicting the future development of the industry. Topics such as farming, processing, consumption, and other aspects of the dairy industry, will all be highlighted in a series of events.

White Paper on China’s Dairy Industry (2020) will be released in the celebration. Professor Shengli Li, Director of SDDDC and Chief Scientist of the National Technology System of Dairy Industry, will deliver the keynote speech, summarizing the key points and major information of the White Paper. Mr. Jeroen Elfers, a core executive committee member of SDDDC, will introduce The 10 lessons learned in the International dairy sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, SDDDC will invite three international experts in the industry, including Edith Feskens from Wageningen University & Research, Loes Snijder from Royal FrieslandCampina and Saud Pasha from FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited to discuss a variety of topics, such as Healthy Diets From Sustainable Food Systems, Worldwide trend on veganism and Backward integration, more and more countries apply that model: The Pakistan Model, and so forth.

SDDDC aims to provide the most complete and precise information about the industry, and predict the future direction, with its rigorous study and thinking on dairy industry. If you want to gain a better insight into the industry, please join us in SDDDC’s 7th anniversary online celebration.

Let’s take a look at the big things we have done this year

As Winston Churchill once said, we should “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Under every crisis there are opportunities hidden. At the beginning of this year when face-to-face activities were rendered impossible due to the outbreak of pandemic, SDDDC launched an online forum – “STalk”, which attracted more attendees than any offline event before, and thus continued to carry out its role as a think tank for the dairy industry in China. When face-to-face trainings were resumed, SDDDC organized training programs on cow signals, milking parlor management, and other skills and knowledge, in several locations, including Henan, Guangdong, Tianjin, etc. At the same time, SDDDC coordinated the composition of White Paper on China’s Dairy Industry (2020). The White Paper covers a wide range of topics such as food safety, demand and supply, sustainable development and environmental protection, management of the industrial chain, the competitiveness of the industry, and many more.