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SDDDC's 7th Anniversary: A Webinar of Great Distinction.

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On December 11, 2020, SDDDC (Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center) will hold its 7th-anniversary celebration. This event will host an online webinar in the form of a live broadcast.

Nowadays, the online webinar has become a common communication method used by all, but this time the "unique" of SDDDC is not in webinar but content.

The theme of this annual meeting is "Across an Extraordinary Year". The webinar opened with the youth power of the dairy industry, supported by two major associations. The five major reports cover China's dairy industry, the global dairy industry, the "EAT-Lancet" report, The influence of vegetarianism, the backward integration of the market, and the industrial path of the world's third-largest dairy country (Pakistan).

Speech by leaders of two national associations related to the domestic dairy industry

From Grass to Glass, from farm to table-SDDDC has been paying attention to the entire dairy industry chain since its establishment, and is committed to promoting China's dairy quality and safety construction by developing a safe and high-quality dairy production model for the entire dairy industry chain. In recent years, China Dairy Association and China Dairy Industry Association have paid close attention to various activities organized by SDDDC and have given strong support. At this 7th anniversary online webinar, leaders of two national associations related to the dairy industry in my country will once again appear on the stage and bring speeches.

High-quality report between China and the Netherlands

Scientific research and innovation is an important task of SDDDC. In the past 7 years since its establishment, SDDDC has successively launched 2014, 2016, and 2020 editions of the "White Paper on the Development of China's Dairy Industry", comprehensively researching and analyzing the development of China's dairy industry over the years. This annual meeting will invite Professor Li Shengli, director of the Sino Dutch Dairy Development Center and chief scientist of the National Dairy Industry Technology System, to bring an authoritative report-an outline of the white paper on the development of China's dairy industry.

At the same time, 2020 is an extraordinary year. The epidemic has changed the development trajectory of all things and presented many new challenges to the development of various industries. This annual meeting will invite the executive committee of the China-Dutch Dairy Development Center and the Netherlands Jeroen Elfers, Director of Dairy Industry Development at Royal Friesland, delivered a keynote report-"Ten Lessons from an Epidemic to the Global Dairy Industry".

Look beyond the dairy industry

For the dairy industry, a cup of milk requires a certain amount of food to be transformed through the unique physiological functions of dairy cows. Then, as the global population, ecosystems, and human development concepts change, what will happen to the future global food production and human nutrition supply? How will the dairy production model change? SDDDC, as one of China's outstanding international dairy industry cooperation organizations and as a dairy industry think tank platform, has continuously brought forward-looking thinking to the industry for 7 years. Three internationally renowned experts were invited to this webinar, who will once again think about the development of the dairy industry with new thinking and a perspective beyond the perspective of dairy production itself. First of all, this webinar will launch a cutting-edge topic report "The EAT-Lancet Report: A menu for all?

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The "EAT-Lancet" report is epoch-making scientific research on human future diet, which has great reference value for food production and consumption. In 2019, the non-profit organization EAT and the world’s top medical journal "The Lancet" jointly released the "Food for the Anthropocene: EAT-Lancet Sustainable Food System and Healthy Eating Committee Special Report", to formulate a food system that is universally applicable to the whole world. Scientific indicators for everyone in the world. There is ample scientific evidence to show the link between diet and human health and environmental sustainability. However, healthy diets and sustainable food production methods lack globally recognized scientific standards, which prevents us from carrying out large-scale and collaborative transformations of the global food system.

At the same time, the report "Vegetarian Trends in Food and Beverages" will focus on the development trend of vegetarianism and look back at the development challenges of animal husbandry and dairy industries.

Besides, focusing on the dairy industry development model, whether large-scale farms and family farms, which model is more sustainable, and suitable for the development needs of different regions, etc., this webinar will bring a report-"A journey to the 3rd largest dairy world power", let us look at Pakistan’s unique dairy industry model.

Professional thinking of future talents

Talent training is another important task of SDDDC, which has been fruitful in the past 7 years. Since 2014, 9 outstanding graduate students (some of them have been funded by the Sino-Dutch “Dairy Sustainable Development” Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program of the Whole Industry Chain (DPSD) of the China Scholarship Council) have gone to Wageningen University in the Netherlands for further studies. The Sino Dutch Dairy Development Center has invested more than 2 million euros for students (including funding supported by the China Scholarship Council); another 5 young teachers are funded to go abroad for further study; cooperatively carried out more than 30 researches on dairy industry-related topics, and invested more than 10 million yuan in scientific research funds. At the same time, SDDDC has attracted several outstanding young talents through various activities such as technical training, industry forums, and overseas inspections.

This webinar will be opened by Wang Boxuan, an undergraduate from China Agricultural University, a young power in the dairy industry, with the theme "From Empiricism to Rationalism: An Undergraduate's Road to Veterinary Epidemiology".


In the past 7 years, SDDDC has always been able to guide the industry to explore the development of the dairy industry from a broader perspective and with more forward-looking thinking. These wisdom guides extend from theory to practice, from industry model to industry culture, allowing us to see the wider human world through a glass of milk.


Technicians from many domestic farms have participated in technical training activities held by SDDDC, such as the dairy academy, dairy nutritionist training, cow signal training, etc. The organization and responsibility of these training are what many people in the dairy industry call "Kai Brother"-Liu Kai, Manager of the Sino Dutch Dairy Development Center. Liu Kai's paranoid pursuit of training creativity and details is the epitome of SDDDC's ability to be innovative.

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"Kai is good", "Kai speaks well", "Kai knows cows well"... These are the evaluations of Liu Kai by many trainees who have participated in the training. The reason for this evaluation is that SDDDC's training courses are well integrated with the advanced course content and communication methods of China and the Netherlands, plus Kai himself's pursuit of details. He always said, "It's not easy for the farm buddies to come out. You must make good use of your time." "Class in the morning, barns in the afternoon, and fun in the evening", this is a very distinctive training model developed by "Kai". This way has achieved the effect of "theory-practice-summarizing, communicating and improving".

The most worthwhile platform

The most trustworthy professional knowledge-sharing platform for Chinese farms, the most worthy third-party cooperation platform for Chinese dairy companies, and the most worthy international expert consulting team for the Chinese government—James Su, Secretary-General of Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center, summarized the positioning of SDDDC.

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After seven years, SDDDC has continuously opened new horizons to the dairy industry. After 2020, world development will usher in many new opportunities.

Let us look forward to 12·11 "Across an extraordinary year"-SDDDC 7th Anniversary Celebration·Online webinar.




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