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Eventful Year, Extraordinary SDDDC

2020-12-12 16:02:16 Comments:0 Views:101 category:SDDDC News

2020 has been an eventful year for almost everyone in the world. The pandemic imposed unprecedented challenges upon the global economic development and exchange, so did it upon Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center (SDDDC), the most internationalized pioneering think tank in China’s dairy industry. Many international visits and offline activities it had planned were cancelled due to the unexpected situation.

Since its foundation in 2013, SDDDC has impressed the entire dairy industry with its anniversary celebration each year. Its creative activities and enlightening reports at each anniversary celebration have made this annual event the focus of attention from not only the dairy industry, but even the public.

On December 11, 2020, SDDDC 7th Anniversary Celebration – an online forum themed around “Over an Unusual Year” – was launched as scheduled. This grand online event celebrated SDDDC’s remarkable efforts to help develop the industry in the past 7 years. As SDDDC’s first online anniversary celebration, the event attracted over 6000 participants from more than 20 countries and regions, including USA, Australia, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, UK, Loire, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, extending the organization’s influence beyond China and the Netherlands.

This celebration was supported by SDDDC’s partners to the utmost.

Forum was hosted by James Su, Secretary-General of SDDDC

In the face of difficulties and challenges, SDDDC team, with their quick response and remarkable flexibility, were able to hold various creative and impressive events regardless. As introduced by James Su, the Secretary-General of SDDDC, although COVID-19 hindered our communication and forced us to cancel our international studying and training visits, SDDDC managed to organize the major events, meetings, and trainings it had planned by moving them online. Encouragingly, those online affairs attracted over 100 thousand participants, which manifested SDDDC’s great influence in the dairy industry. Meanwhile, SDDDC successfully ran a few offline trainings, published 10 Lessons for Global Dairy Industry in Pandemic, and coordinated the composition of White Paper on China’s Dairy Industry (2020). In addition, Haibo Lu and Ling Xiong, two Ph.D. students sponsored by SDDDC, successfully completed their defense at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Over the past 7 years since it was founded, SDDDC has integrated academic, educational, and industrial resources from both China and the Netherlands, making itself the most trustworthy knowledge-sharing platform for farmers, the most valuable partner for dairy companies, and the most reliable international consulting team for Chinese government.

Ms. Ge Chen, Chair of Oversight Committee of SDDDC and President of Friesland Campina China, pointed out in her speech that the pandemic has significantly impacted the global dairy industry, but demand and supply of dairy products have been increasing at the same time, as more consumers came to realize the health benefits of high-quality protein. After suffering a brief plummet, China’s dairy industry soon recovered and returned to its normal course of development, which illustrates the great potential of the industry. The constant growth of global population has forced many countries to strive for self-sufficiency of dairy products by developing the upstream of the industry; the population issue also underlies the ongoing discussions in big dairy countries, such as the Netherlands and India, about environmental protection and the impact of intensive dairy farming. Those situations once again triggered heated debates about the pros and cons of animal and vegetable proteins. In some area of the world, more and more animal proteins, such as meat and milk products, are replaced by vegetable ones. We must follow closely those changes, as they can be a challenge or an opportunity to us who are working in dairy industry. The prices of dairy products are rising in quite a few countries, so are the prices of calves and feed. China’s dairy industry has been seeking self-efficiency over the past years, but the dependence on import for calves and high-quality forage has increased, nonetheless. The partially self-efficient development currently should be worth more attention in future. SDDDC has organized several events online and offline; as a think tank for the dairy industry, it integrated knowledge and ideas, created shared values, and facilitated communication within the industry. SDDDC has outlined its Strategic Development Plan 2.0 recently; its influence keeps growing. East Rock Farm Technologies Co. Ltd. will join our SDDDC family from January 1, 2021. Today’s unconventional celebration proved that, instead of stopping us from going forward, the pandemic has brought us closer to each other.(The complete speech was released in our public account “RuYeZiXun” on December 12nd).

Mr. Wouter Verhey, Agricultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China, praised SDDDC in his speech for being a key tie between the two countries. He congratulated SDDDC on its 7th anniversary, and appreciated the cutting-edge, prospective researches presented in the forum. The issues examined in those studies are universal to the global dairy industry. In the Netherlands, production-related environmental issues make up an important part of the political agenda. Similarly, in China, the effects of dairy production on environmental protection, carbon emission, recycling of resources, and sustainable development, have come increasingly closer to the center of the public’s attention. Recycling sustainable development is vital for dairy industry in future, domestically and internationally. Mr. Wouter Verhey said that China and the Netherlands have a solid ground for cooperation, and Dutch people are more than willing to share their experiences in agriculture and agricultural economy with China through SDDDC. He also expressed his best wishes for the two countries to maintain mutually beneficial, long-lasting cooperation.

(The complete speech was released in our public account “RuYeZiXun” on December 13th.)

Leaders from both Dairy Association of China and China Dairy Industry Association, the two leading nationwide industrial associations in China, attended SDDDC’s 7th anniversary celebration and spoke highly of its contribution to the dairy industry in their speeches.