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Joint Efforts for Shared Goals: Exclusive Interview with Mr. Tiger Wang Jue, President of East Rock

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During the 7th anniversary celebration of Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center (hereafter “SDDDC”), Ms. Grace Chen, Chairwoman of Supervisory Board of SDDDC and President of Friesland Campina China, announced that East Rock Farm Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter “East Rock”), will join SDDDC from New Year’s Day 2021. To learn more about the backgrounds of, and the expectations from, this cooperation, China Dairy team interviewed Mr. Tiger Wang Jue, President of East Rock.

Mr. Tiger Wang Jue, President of East Rock Farm Technologies Co., Ltd.

Question: What made East Rock decide to join SDDDC?

Answer: I had the honor to participate in Dutch Dairy Experience Program hosted by SDDDC in September 2017, which gave me a panoramic view of the entire industrial chain of Dutch dairy industry. I learnt a lot from that experience. In the past few years, East Rock has been supporting SDDDC by providing technical translation, farm assessment service, and so forth, for its various events and activities, especially after James Su, Managing Director of East Rock, assumed duties as Secretary-General of SDDDC in September 2018. Thanks to those cooperation experiences, it comes naturally to East Rock to eventually join SDDDC. The whole East Rock team, I myself included, are very honored to become a member of SDDDC.

The great success China’s dairy industry has achieved comes not solely from the hard work and efforts of our domestic colleagues in the industry; high-level international communications and knowledge exchanges are also an important contributor to the accomplishment. As a key platform where domestic dairy industry communicates with its counterparts overseas, SDDDC has been introducing innovative ideas, cutting-edge concepts, and advanced techniques in the past seven years, making significant contributions to the dairy industry in terms of cultural transmission, academic research, talents cultivation, and networking and promotion. SDDDC, as a team, comprises a group of partners from prestigious universities and leading corporations. East Rock is glad to become a part of this team, to work for our shared goals with our joint efforts.


Dutch Dairy Experience Program hosted by SDDDC in September 2017. First from the right is Mr. Tiger Wang Jue.

Question: Although East Rock is very familiar to most people within the dairy industry, there may be some readers who want to learn more about the company. Could you please introduce East Rock?

Answer: In recent years, people in the industry always think of East Rock when talking about heat stress and ventilation equipment such as Cyclone fans, but actually, East Rock’s expertise extends far beyond ventilation. We have done a lot of pioneering work, of which we are very proud. For example, East Rock was the first company in China to provide trainings on cow welfare and cow comfort; our first training session on those topics could be dated back to as early as December 2007. The ideas and knowledge we introduced can still be found in many training materials currently used in the dairy industry. East Rock designed the first mountain dairy farm in China over a decade ago. The only world-class training center that consists of functions of farming, academic study, training, and high-quality living, was designed and built by East Rock as well. Dairy farming equipment East Rock manufactures is not only popular in domestic market, but has also been exported to over 50 countries in six continents. Adhering to its core value of steadfastness and diligence in its growth, East Rock, as a high-tech company engaging in engineering design, equipment manufacturing, and technology innovation, is based in China but provides services for both domestic and global markets.

The fast-developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology is showing great potentials. East Rock took advantage of the opportunities presented by AI technology, and invested a lot of resources in actively developing and applying AI technology in dairy industry. We have achieved breakthroughs in farm environment control, visual identification, Internet of Things in dairy farms, etc., many of which have been adopted by renowned farming firms. As a high-tech company, we do not use “high-tech” merely as a marketing slogan or view it as a theoretical concept; we embody it in our smart ecosystem consisting of advanced software and equipment. The persistent efforts of East Rock team for technological innovation and progress will for sure have positive influences on the sustainable development of China’s dairy industry.

Question: What will East Rock bring to SDDDC?

Answer: In the face of the severe crisis of pandemic in 2020, the 7-year-old SDDDC demonstrated its exceptional ability in dealing with challenges. At the vital time, SDDDC assumed the role of think tank, exploring virtual ways of knowledge-sharing to create a sense of community within the dairy industry, when face-to-face communications were stopped by the pandemic. The worldwide spread of COVID-19 remains a big threat to domestic and global dairy industry. Under this special background, East Rock will give its full support to SDDDC in the combat against the challenges.

As the only member of SDDDC with expertise in farm environmental engineering and intelligent technology, East Rock will also play a role in talents cultivation, technology assessment, academic research, and many other activities of SDDDC.

SDDDC is a warm family where knowledge and skills are shared and passed along, a community that takes the responsibility of promoting the industry. With its open attitude, broad vision, and effective mechanism for equal partnership, SDDDC has been attracting more and more organizations to join the family. East Rock is honored to work with all fellow members of SDDDC community for a shared bright future of China’s dairy industry.




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