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One more family member of SDDDC -- Shandong Bihai Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

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The Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre ("SDDDC") and Shandong Bihai Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. ("Bihai") signed the agreement of MOU. Bihai is one more new partner in 2021 after East Rock Farm Tech, and Prof. Li Shengli, Director of SDDDC(Right), and Mr. Li Shanhong, president of Bihai(Left), shook hands in Linyi City, Shandong Province.

As SDDDC's exclusive media partner - China Dairy interviewed Mr. Li Shanhong after the MOU ceremony about the ambition & expectations of Bihai‘s joining SDDDC.

Q1 Has Bihai joined other international industry organizations? Why SDDDC?

Our company joined the IDF China National Committee in 2016, we joined SDDDC today, a world-class platform, can have more opportunities with the first-class universities & dairy companies to face-to-face exchange knowledge & expertise,expand our horizons, better learn to understand the dairy industry's entire industrial chain and future chances & challenges, which make the good future development of our company in the industry positioning more accurate.

Q2 Could you please talk about the role and significance of innovation of the domestic packaging industry in promoting the development of the dairy industry?

Shandong Bihai Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, focusing on research, develop and manufacture dairy and beverage processing machinery and filling equipment. Our company mainly produces aseptic carton filling machine and auxiliary equipment and paper/Al/PE liquid food aseptic laminated packaging paper, providing customers with overall solutions and turnkey projects. Bihai is one of drafting companies & units for aseptic carton filling machine national standard, and top 30 of the China light industry equipment manufacturing industry.

It is particularly important for the milk chain & product with the guarantee of better packaging, especially in the terminal consumption, linking with dairy safety and security, and promoting the development of the diversification in the dairy market. Bihai company has always adhered to the professional focus of the "artisan spirit" to ensure quality and safety, and constantly strive for innovation.

In recent years, Bihai independently developed a brand-new packaging, "Bihai bottle". It is characterized by small packaging with a big lid, and convenient for consumers to enjoy, with more safety using sterile filling and multi-layer structure of packaging materials. Bihai bottle, as a domestic sterile carton packaging innovation category, is a new light in the dairy market.

Producing filling machines is another import business. It is more options and tailored service for dairy enterprises, which make customized technology and product, the more high-quality service channels, win-win cooperation and meeting market demands.

Q3 As a domestic first-class milk packaging company, Bihai for joining SDDDC, what are the new initiatives and expectations?

After Bihai joined SDDDC, we will earnestly learn and earn more benefit from the advanced expertise of the Dutch dairy chain with more opportunities for teamwork with domestic & international dairy research institutions, industry experts, enterprises, and other stakeholders. It is a good booster for the development of China's dairy industry via constantly promoting innovation and providing better equipment and packaging of Bihai for the world dairy industry.  

We look forward to more cooperation with CAU, WUR, RFC and other partners as a family member of SDDDC, aiming at a world-class brand of dairy world in the future.

In 2021, SDDDC has welcomed two new members of East Rock Farm Tech and Shandong Bihai, the former is a high-tech enterprise serving the modernization of dairy farming, the latter is China's top milk packaging materials production and service enterprises. "From Grass to Glass" - SDDDC has always focused on the entire industrial chain since 2013, the joining of two new members, strengthens the development of upstream aquaculture, and complements the downstream dairy processing field of development.




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