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Partner show | Bart : Feed efficiency is the key point for farms

2021-6-21 9:34:43 Comments:0 Views:932 category:SDDDC News

High-quality dairy cattle breed resources are of great significance to improving the overall production level of China's cattle herd. We invited  Mr. Bart from CRV in the Netherlands to talk about the Chinese dairy industry in his eyes from the perspective of breeding.

Bart was born in South Korea and grew up in the Netherlands, in my younger year I was working on farms, where I got interested and passionate about dairy farming. In particular the breeding part of the farming. I started to work in CRV 5 years ago as an area manager. I am also skilled in sales development which is something I can really use in China. As CRV is still a small player in the Chinese market. We really want to grow our business in China.

When was your first contact with the Chinese market? What was your first impression of China’s dairy industry?

My first trip to China was 5 years ago, April 2016, right after I joined CRV. My first impression of China is China is really a big country. I can visit 5-6 clients per day back in the Netherlands, and it seems impossible to do so in China. 

So I have to think differently and look into China’s market from a different perspective as I gain all my experience in the Netherlands. Chinese dairy farms are very good. My first impression is lots of them are well organized. Another one is the size of farms is bigger than the Netherlands which is very obvious.

From the perspective of CRV, what has changed in China's dairy industry compared with the present?

From the perspective of breeding, China's dairy farming has changed from the pure pursuit of milk production in the past to the current concept of all-round balanced breeding. More than ten years ago, milk production has increased from the initial three or four tons, through genetic improvement and optimization of feeding management, to the current 8-10 tons. 

More and more practitioners realize that it is all-around balanced breeding that can bring profit to the farms and promote the long-term development of the industry. Not only that, the biggest change is the dairy farms in China have gained lots of knowledge. China’s dairy industry is very open-minded to solutions from other countries. People are more open to looking at different points of view. And the farms pay more attention to other sides such as sustainability, circularity, animal welfare, longevity, and health rather than purely milk production.

For large-scale farms, feed cost is the biggest part of the entire farm cost. Can you give some suggestions for large-scale farms base on feed efficiency?

No matter where you are, feed cost is the biggest part of the entire farm cost. If we can lower the feed cost, then the farm can make more profit. And increasing or improving feed efficiency can be easily done by breeding. 

So the main thing is to determine which one has higher feed efficiency. You can breed the cows with high feed efficiency, this will especially in China have a huge impact on the profitability of dairy farms because 70% of the cost price is feeding. So for the large scaled farms, feed efficiency is the one of most important issues to pay attention. By determining the cows with high feed efficiency, you can breed the next generation with better feed efficiency.

Feed efficiency breeding value, is it suitable for China?

Every farmer knows that feed efficiency refers to how many kilograms of milk a cow produces from one kilogram of dry matter feed. So the understanding and application of this breeding value are very simple. 

That is, through the application of feed efficiency breeding value, dairy cows can produce more milk at the same feed cost. Then no matter whether it is in the Netherlands, China, or anywhere in the world, this breeding value can be applied. And the establishment of this breeding value is derived from the feed intake data of nearly 8,000 dairy cows, which is highly reliable. Of course, Chinese dairy farmers can use it with confidence. Of course, feed efficiency is especially fit for China’s dairy market due to the high price of feed. By improving feed efficiency, the performance and profitability can be improved as well.

In addition to cost savings, are there other benefits to the farms and the dairy industry from the increase in feed efficiency?

China’s dairy industry nowadays is paying more and more attention to sustainability. Especially in China, there are many large-scale, planned farming farms, which are facing huge resource costs and environmental pressures. 

If you can make cows produce milk in a more efficient way, it will cause less impact on the environment. If you can higher the feed efficiency in the dairy farm, it means less feed. And less feed means less manure. And in this way, improving feed efficiency can also do contribute in reduce carbon emission.




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